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September 22, 2009

New due date!

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Interesting day at the midwife’s office. We have a new due date of November 14th and an induction day of Nov 5th in the evening which should result in a baby on the 6th. That of course is providing that the hospital isn’t busy and we don’t get bumped like we did with my son. This is all due to the fact that I’ve been measuring a bit further ahead than normal, and my midwife being on vacation the week after so this way we can deliver with her (I’m going to be induced). So we are going with an earlier ultrasound date. Everything else was fine. Baby’s heartbeat was 144. I go back in 2 weeks to start non-stress tests. I’m not really looking forward to those. The are 30 min or so appointments, so they can be trying while having my 18 month old with me (I schedule them while my 3 y/o is in school). I will have a bio-physical profile (detailed ultrasound) scheduled at 36 weeks (October 17th ish) to double check weight and see how the baby is doing.

July 6, 2009

Precious Moments

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So after a very late night last night, I woke up groggily to take care of Celeste.  After the morning routine was done I laied down on the couch hoping for a little more relaxation before Bryan woke up.  I did receive it, but with a very sweet interlude.  Celeste came over and noticed a baby on the tv.  She said the baby was cute and I responded with, “Just like your new little baby in mommy’s tummy is going to be.”  She then proceeded to come over to me, lift my shirt say, “Shh! Night night baby” and then give my tummy the gentlest kiss ever!  I thought that was super cute, but then she ran over to the other side of the couch and grabbed her little tiny wind up chick and put it on my tummy so the baby could have a toy to go to bed with.  How sweet!  I can’t wait to see how she is with this baby come November!

If you didn’t already know, based off this message you should have fingured out that we are expecting baby number three in November around the 17th.  We will be 21 weeks along tomorrow and at our 19 week ultrasound the baby was super healthy with a girl heartbeat and weighing in at 10 oz.  Which puts him/her in the 57th percentile for weight.  So much for telling everyone at Bryan’s 1st birthday we were not expecting.  We WERE and just didn’t know it!  We were about 4 weeks along.

March 7, 2008

So angry!

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So I called the hospital today at 4:30 because no on had told me what time to come in on Sunday to start the induction. I find out that they are booked and I’m scheduled for Tuesday into Wednesday. I’m sooo upset right now for so many reasons. I got 2 of the grandmas that now have to take a day that can’t be changed cause I found out so late, I got to go on Monday for another non-stress test this time I got to go 30 min away for a 15 min exam. I was supposed to go early to keep the baby small and make sure the placenta was doing its job…..I’m glad I called or god knows when I’d find out that the date changed!


February 26, 2008

Mixed Feelings

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So today I found out I’m gonna deliver March 10th, but I also found out my midwife isn’t going to be there :'( my back up midwife will deliver. I’ve only seen her once and she was a lot more rushed more like a doctor, so I hope it was just that one time. I’m so excited to know the date, but sad to not have my regular midwife. The only way I can have my own is to go through an amino to have the baby next week… and that isn’t a option for me because the idea of getting one of those scares me.


December 31, 2007

Gestational Diabetes

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So I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes for this pregnancy. Celeste showed some signs at birth that I may have had it with her (jaundice, high birth weight) but was never diagnosed with it. I’m so frustrated at this whole numbers thing. I’m on day 3.5 of checking my numbers and I’ve only hit my target numbers 3 times. On average I’m under 105 in the morning but above 90 and after my meals im generally 120-145. So I’m failing everything. I’m supposed to be under 90 for fasting morning and under 120 1 hour after meals. I’m really discouraged and feel like what the heck is the point of even trying to eat better! I’ve followed doctors, and dietitians orders down to the smallest oz. Between that and and the overwhelming fear I’ve had of having a c-section I’m just an emotional wreck crying and angry all the time. Thank god I have such a great husband who is supportive. I don’t know how I’d put up with myself. Not to mention I’m sick right now as is my daughter too. I just wanna crawl in bed, hide under the covers and sleep.

*update* a couple of weeks later my numbers thing all straightened out and came down to normal. They almost went down to low!

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