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January 28, 2010

Bryan’s first stitches

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I was putting Celeste to bed and she asked Bryan for a kiss goodnight.  He ran at full speed to say good night and tripped over himself.  He landed on her stool and got a hole between his eyes.  It is like a real hole.  You can see all the way in with no bottom of the hole.  It went through to the muscle layer.  I’m not sure how it happened because all of the edges of the stool are rounded off well.  He got a bit sleepy right after and I was afraid that he had a mild concussion, which is why I was calling around.  I finally called Dave S. and he came over to watch Celeste when I took Bryan to the ER the first time.  The doctor debated glue vs. stitches and chose glue because it is less traumatic, even though glue can leave a small scar.  He thought he’d outgrow the scar.  It went ok, he cried from being held down, but it was fast.  Half way home he said, “ow, ow ow”  (ouch) and I had just hit a bump in the road so I thought it was that.  We pulled in the driveway and I realized he pulled out the glue stitches.  They were a layer of glue, tape then more glue.  So we went in and I fed Charlotte, called and talked to Alan again then went back to the ER.  This time it was much worse.  He freaked out when he saw the Dr.  They put him on a board with velcro and strapped him down.  He sort of looked like a mummy.  Then had one big guy holding his head still and one nurse holding his chin.  It took them about 10 min to do the real stitches.  I’ve never heard him cry like that.  He was hysterical.  Sobbing, crying, shaking, covered in sweat, screaming, “DaDa..DaDa.. no no my nose” over and over again.  I really thought he was going to throw up.  He made it through and was much happier once we got into the car and he got 2 lollipops.  One for each hand.. and so he wouldn’t touch his stitches again.  He stayed up a bit when we got home at 12:30 to say hi to Alan since he wanted him so bad earlier and to finish his pops.  This morning he’s a bit tired, but otherwise himself.  Here’s some pictures of his stitches:


We go back in on Tuesday to his pediatrician to have the stitches taken out.  I’m dreading that visit.

He’s had an ok morning.  He’s back to himself, except for being sleepy from being up so late.

May 5, 2008

Growing up and electrocution!

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It seems as though switching Celeste to a toddler bed has made her grow up so fast! Her vocabulary has increased tons since then (including saying Bryan and iovu (i love you)), when it is time for bed now she runs and gets in all by herself and waits for us to put her blanket on her, she has even shown interest in the potty! Our first baby is turning into a little lady! It is bittersweet.

I’m SO lucky.. I was moving Bryan’s old red lamp that had temporarily been put on his dresser while Alan and his dad built Bryan’s crib and the plastic case on the outside of the plug head came off and I ended up touching both of the metal contacts and electrocuting myself… I can only imagine what would have happened if he was older or Celeste had pulled it and they got shocked.. needless to say I’m off to check all my plugs.. I just wanted to share so that you all with children would do the same too!

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