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April 13, 2009

Peanuts *updated 4/16/09*

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About 5 weeks ago now we had some allergy testing done in an attempt to find out B’s cause of his eczema despite a lot of speculation that his reactions were stress and hereditary.

On our visit to the Allergist on 3/25/09 He was tested for 41 different common allergens, by a skin prick test.  He was tested for:

Tree Mix, timothy pollen, sheep sorrel pollen, plantain pollen, grass, sage, mugwort, weed mix, ragweed, house dust, cockroach, cat, horse, mite mix, guinea pig, dog, latex, mold mix, whole milk, wheat, fish, peanut, shellfish, rye, tomato, cashew, egg, soybean, oat, cacao bean, barley, shrimp, black walnut, english walnut, sesame, coconut, almond, hazelnut, apple, banana, carrot, strawberry.  He came back as allergic to none.

So they told us that his eczema is the inherited kind.  He was put on Zyrtec everyday now to stop the histamine reactions he has to avoid scratching.  He also is continuing his steroid prescription creme and daily aquafor rubbing regime.  Also during 2 baths he gets a selenium sulfide shampooing.  It is for the eczema (which has another name on the scalp, but I’m drawing a blank).  The allergist also said each year he gets older his chance for the eczema to go away increases by 10%  He expected it to be gone by 10/11 years of age with the exception of minor flare ups possibly for the rest of his life.

However, on April 6, 2009  he had a severe reaction to something.  He broke out into a severe case of hives and we rushed him to an urgent care facility.  He had nothing new or out of the ordinary for dinner that night.  However his reaction was with in 10 min of eating his dinner which consisted of  wheat bread, peanut butter sandwich with strawberry jam.  We know that is a high allergen meal, but he had tested as non allergic to those food items.

So, we went back to the doctor again on April 7th, 2009.  Bryan couldn’t have the skin test done again, because he had Zyrtec last night.  The allergist thinks the reaction could have been viral (which also confuses me because he had no signs of being sick otherwise) not allergy related, but we are taking extra measures to ensure that it isn’t.  We had a blood test just done for peanut butter, strawberry, wheat, soy and milk to double check those.  We got told there is only a 20% chance that the skin test couldn’t detect what the blood test could.  We got scheduled to go the doctors office the following month and use the fresh food for a skin test at the doctor’s office, if he has no reactions then they were actually going to feed him little bits of the food gradually increasing the amount.  We were instructed to bring the food, specifically the food that he ate this week and had the reaction with.  That test was going take 3 hours.

He got prescribed an  EpiPen® Jr and the allergist said to use if if he had the hives reaction along with any issues with breathing.  If he just has a mild hives reaction then we are to give him 1/2 teaspoon of children’s liquid Zyrtec (extra from his everyday dose of 1/4 teaspoon).  If he comes up as allergic  by the blood test then the rules change and he has to be given the  EpiPen® Jr,v if he ingests them with our knowledge, even before he has a reaction.

The blood test was not fun.  They do it the same way as an adult.  We were concerned that not enough blood was taken because the vein blew out due to myself or the nurse holding him down to tight.  Lucky, there was enough.

On April 13th, yeah, lucky number 13.  We got the test results.  Bryan is officially allergic to peanuts.  The blood test came back positive, even though the skin test was negative.  The doctor said that there are 7 levels of allergy danger and he is #3 which is actually in the middle.  0 is non allergic 7 is extreme and way over the curve.  So on a real scale of 1-6 he is in the middle.

We have a last follow up visit this coming Wednesday to have a question and answer session.

It stinks that he will have to deal with this, however I’m a bit relieved that we finally have an answer to all this insanity.


We learned at his allergy level it is unlikely that he will out grow it, but he will be tested next year to check his levels.  The official range for antibodies right now is the following for Class 3 (3.51-17.5 KU/L)  He is an 8.1 so is is pretty close to center 3.  We have ordered him a medialert bracelet and a special bright green bag to keep his epipen jr’s cool in the summer.

So after the doctor’s visit this is what we learned we have to avoid:

Here is the things that B can not eat and the things that we need to search for in the labels.  On the bottom is some extra information.  This is all from a info sheet that the doctor gave us.  I just typed it up here.  In addition we were told to absolutely avoid any food that said things like, “made in a plant with peanuts, may contain traces of peanuts”.. ect  Unfortunately that excludes a lot of chocolate products.  I cleaned out the house today so the pantry and fridge have nothing in it that B can’t have.

How to Read a Label for a Peanut-Free Diet

All FDA-regulated manufactured food products that contain peanut as an ingredient are required by U.S. law to list the word “peanut” on the product label.

Avoid foods that contain peanuts or any of these ingredients:
artificial nuts
beer nuts
cold pressed, expeller pressed, or extruded peanut oil
ground nuts
mixed nuts
monkey nuts
nut pieces
peanut butter
peanut flour
peanut protein hydrolysate

Peanut is sometimes found in the following:
African, Asian (especially Chinese,
Indian, Indonesian, Thai, and
Vietnamese), and Mexican dishes
baked goods (e.g., pastries, cookies)
candy (including chocolate candy)
egg rolls
enchilada sauce
mole sauce
ice cream

Keep the following in mind:
•  A person allergic to one food is usually not allergic to related foods.  Peanuts belong to the pea or legume family.  A person allergic to peanuts can usually eat peas and beans.
• Mandelonas are peanuts soaked in almond flavoring.
• The FDA exempts highly refined peanut oil from being labeled as an allergen. Studies show that most allergic individuals can safely eat peanut oil that has been highly refined (not cold    pressed, expeller pressed, or extruded peanut oil).  Follow your doctor’s advice.
• A study showed that unlike other legumes, there is a strong possibility of cross-reaction between peanuts and lupine.
• Arachis oil is peanut oil.
• Many experts advise patients allergic to peanuts to avoid tree nuts as well.
• Sunflower seeds are often produced on equipment shared with peanuts.
•  Artificial nuts can be peanuts that have been deflavored and reflavored with a nut, such as pecan or walnut.

August 19, 2008


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So Bryan had his first dermatology visit today.  We found out we’ve been doing things a little backwards.  He wants us to bathe him 2x a day.  We only bathing him 1-2x a week to stop his skin from drying out.  He said your skin is like a sponge and it will soak up the water.  He had me get a soap called cetaphil gentle skin cleanser.  We will use that in the baths and after his baths we slather him up everywhere with Aquaphor (a diaper ointment).  He also gave us a steroid prescription for his bad spots.  He said that Eczema is easier to control now, because of summers humidity, but the winter can be tough.  He also said that the treatment he gave us may work right away and it never come back or it could be something he battles for weeks, months, years..ect.  He didn’t say anything about an allergen cause and I forgot to ask, so for now it means I continue my crazy diet.  I am going to add soy back in however, just to see if he has a reaction, because putting soy back in my diet would open a world of foods.

Not much new to report about Celeste.  She is still crazy about butterflies, and her brother.  Her only new trick is climbing up onto the changing table.  She isn’t talking a bit yet (well, if you ignore her own special language…  I swear she was saying, “Gaia.. where it go?” yesterday.  Maybe she is speaking our ancient natural/original language. . .

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