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February 13, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh my!

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83.. we have 83 stuffed animals/dolls…  enough said.

Growing up to fast

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Myself in response to a baby leaving the room, “No Bryan come back.”   Bryan looks at MaMa smiles and crawls away faster.  *sigh* he’s turning into a 10 month old toddler.

September 27, 2008

Breastfeeding on Sesame Street

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3DWRhfNm4c (1977)


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4EUE9KBDUU (1974)

There was a time when breastfeeding WAS on tv for our little ones.  To bad they don’t do it anymore.  Maybe it would seem more socially acceptable and natural if we exposed the world to nursing more at an early age.  The last segmant they redid later and replaced the breast shot with a bottle one  sticking out tongue to sesame street for that one!

September 23, 2008

List of happenings

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So time hasn’t been something I have lots of lately, so here is a shortened version of the household happenings.

Ezecma. –

It appears to be subsiding a bit, but he still has outbreaks.  We think its dairy, however on our second visit to the dermatologist (whom used to be a pediatrician) said it is not allergies, its just inherited.  He said to continue using the original regime and be very diligent in the winter.  A humidifier may help keep the house moist for him.

6 month doctor visit –

He weighed in at 15 lbs 9 oz and was 25.75 in long.  So he only gained 7 oz and went up in height by .75  They weren’t worried about it.. which confused the heck out of me because they were so concerned with my daughter’s weight gain.  This is why they weren’t concerned.  He was born at 7lbs 15 oz in the 50th percentile, then at 1 month he dropped to the 25th then at 4 months he was in the 50th again and now he’s back down to the 25th.. so he IS following a chart.. a very unique one that he has made all on his own.  As long as he is near the 50th again at 9 months we are all set.  The only thing they were concerned about was the fact that he breaks out in an eczema rash and spits up a lot if I put dairy in my diet.  They told me under no circumstances to give him any form of dairy until he is 1 and then only to do so after they run a certain type of allergy test to make sure he wont have any anaphylactic reactions to it.


Well he started eating cereal 3 weeks ago and we have been introducing some veggies and fruit.  He got his first cookie 2 days ago.  However, poor Bryan has had to try all sorts of “weird” food thanks to big sis Celeste she has managed to “help” feed him while she is eating her food.  So far he has had apple juice, whole banana, kashi cereal, cinnamon toast crunch and 1/4 of a waffle.  Now the waffle, is partly my fault.  I knew he was chewing on something as he played on the floor with her, but until the waffle was broken up I didn’t realized she had shared again.  Poor kid cried his little heart out when I took it away.  However, note if you ever want a 6 mont old to take a 6 hour nap in the middle of the day, give him a waffle to eat.


He’s started!  I just hope he does not crawl to early… he already learned to roll both ways way way way to early.  I guess I’ll be chasing another one soon.


His first one broke through on 9/20!

Waterbury Hospital-

Just a note for all of you who ever decide to go there.. don’t.. unless its an emergency and then count on charges you NEVER expected.. feel free to ask us more if you want.

Birth to 3-

Celeste started her first session last Friday.  Hopefully it will help her talk some more.  She has started to say a bit more (not from thier help).  She likes it so we will see.  She said Mom for the first time on Friday and it was pretty cool.  Alan actually heard it for the first time.  I had gone shopping to pick up some things and to have time alone for an hour and she kept saying “Where did Mom go?” or simply saying “Mom?” Alan didn’t know it was the first time until I got home.  Pretty cool though.. it sent shivers down my spine.  God, we love that little girl!

3 Years

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I think random thoughts in the as I go to bed at night.  Three years ago our lives were very different.  We were married but no kids.  I was working full time and we were spending money like it was going out of style.  Wow that huge tv is nice… Ohh that looks like a good game, lets buy it!  Who cares that we don’t get paid for another week, put it on the yahoo card.  We would easily spend $100 on one night of eating out, just because we didn’t feel like cooking. We were frivolous, and it was fun (or so we thought, until the bills came). .  We bought a spa; 2 months later we found out we were pregnant with our first child.  So much for the spa.  Alan quit his dream job, I quit the first job I really loved and the new friends I had just made and moved back home which was 1500 miles away. 19 Months later we got pregnant with number 2 when Celeste was only 10 months old.  So here we are, three years later, with a 2 year old and 6 month old children, much poorer and oh so much happier.

August 19, 2008


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So Bryan had his first dermatology visit today.  We found out we’ve been doing things a little backwards.  He wants us to bathe him 2x a day.  We only bathing him 1-2x a week to stop his skin from drying out.  He said your skin is like a sponge and it will soak up the water.  He had me get a soap called cetaphil gentle skin cleanser.  We will use that in the baths and after his baths we slather him up everywhere with Aquaphor (a diaper ointment).  He also gave us a steroid prescription for his bad spots.  He said that Eczema is easier to control now, because of summers humidity, but the winter can be tough.  He also said that the treatment he gave us may work right away and it never come back or it could be something he battles for weeks, months, years..ect.  He didn’t say anything about an allergen cause and I forgot to ask, so for now it means I continue my crazy diet.  I am going to add soy back in however, just to see if he has a reaction, because putting soy back in my diet would open a world of foods.

Not much new to report about Celeste.  She is still crazy about butterflies, and her brother.  Her only new trick is climbing up onto the changing table.  She isn’t talking a bit yet (well, if you ignore her own special language…  I swear she was saying, “Gaia.. where it go?” yesterday.  Maybe she is speaking our ancient natural/original language. . .

August 4, 2008

No Gluetons, No Soy, No Dairy and more

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So things have been pretty eventful.  As you can see by the title our little guy is allergic to one of the above.  We know he has the dairy problem, but he has been having some eczema to go along with it and taking out the glutens and soy may help.  So two weeks of me not eating it should detoxify my body then two weeks more should do the same for him.  We will see if there is a change.  I started this crazy diet full time on the 1st of this month.  So far the hardest thing to cut out is soy.  It is in everything that is processed.  Even some sodas.  Other than that little man is right on target, if not ahead.  He rolls all over the place now and insists on being on his tummy for bedtime, even though we put him on his back and tell him he can’t go on his belly.  He is starting to tripod sit which is very exciting.

Celeste has a little cold right now, or as we really suspect 2 year molars coming in.  We recently took her to a local theme park and she loved it.  I can’t believe how much.  She is really into the boat rides.  Check out the pictures in our gallery.  I can’t wait to go again with her!  I just submitted an inquiry to birth to 3 to make sure she is just a late talker.  At her 2 year old physical, that is all the doctor suspected.  The doctor did hear a heart murmur on Celeste, however she isn’t concerned by it and says it will only be an issue if she hears it next year too.

Everyone else in the house is doing well.. now its off to do some daily chores!

July 15, 2008

Hidden Talents.. me!?!

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I just did a cake for my sons baptism and one for my daughter’s birthday and discovered I have a nack for it.  I’ve never read anything or had any training, I just looked a a photo the other day and recreated it.  Here are my 2 cakes!  Where has this talent been hiding?!?

My baptisim cake.  I wrote the words “Lamb of God” on the top of the foil in blue gel later, and the words “God Bless on the foil in the lower left, and the words, “Bryan Alan” in the lower right.

Here is Celeste’s 2nd birthday cake. She is totally into Little Einsteins from Disney, so I made her Rocket.  Later I used blue gel to write on the plate in front of Rocket, “Happy 2nd birthday Celeste!”

July 14, 2008

Bryan’s 4 month visit to the pedi & yesterday’s party

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Bryan had his 4 month visit today.  He weighs a bit less than our home scale says, but our home scale is me just holding him then subtracting his weight, not to accurate.  He also is usually wearing his clothes.  So he isn’t 16 lbs he’s 15lbs .5 oz  But that is still fine.  He’s grown tons in height.  He is now 25 in compared to the 22 at our last visit.  So he’s in the 50th percentile for weight and 60th for height.  Just perfect.  I put below a time line of his weight and height’s in case you were wondering what the previous #’s were.  He got 4 shots and one oral vaccine all the same ones he got at his 2 month.  He has a little of what I thought was just dry skin on his tummy but the doctor said it is eczema so we got to slather him in Eucerinen cream once a day and only bath him every 2-3 days.

Grandpa L heard Celeste say she had to go potty yesterday and she did it today at the doctors office.  She looked up from playing and said to the pediatrician and I, “I got to pee!” and she then pooped.  Then her next comment was “eeeww!” Really cute but another great sign!  (She didn’t actually pee, just did #2)  🙂  So if you hear it take her to the bathroom!

Yesterday was our baptism/2nd birthday party for Celeste.  It all went really well.  Of course with the exception of Celeste’s free spirit in church 😉  It was a bit stressful setting up and the cakes took forever, but everything turned out wonderful.  My homemade rocket cake and lamb cake turned out amazingly well.  The best I’ve ever done!  I’ll post some pictures soon.  Of course D has all the good church ones, he was our photographer for the day.  Celeste got some wonderful birthday presents and is enjoying them as I type this.  Bryan got some beautiful memento’s and some money which we will use to get him a convertible car-seat like Celeste has, because he hates his infant one.

June 20, 2008

I’m in love with my children

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Holy Cow!!!  Celeste and Bryan have been growing so much. Celeste will be 2 in just 1.5 short months.  Bryan just turned 3 months old.  He’s 15.5 lbs already. He’s been pushing up well, rolling over tummy to back some. Learned to belly laugh the cutest little giggle I’ve ever heard!! Celeste has been talking in phrases, her newest one recently “Where did it go?”.  She says that many times a day.  She even went potty in her toilet for the first time yesterday!  They both know how to get me to hold them…she’ll come running up with this big smile and wrap her arms around my leggs with a big hug, he’ll give be these big doe eye’d look and I just can’t resist. He’s got his daddy wrapped around his fingers. It’s amazing to see a grown man turn into a puddle of mush when that little boy smiles up at him and Celeste has daddy awe struck everyday with all the new things she learns each day.  He’s picked up the habit of sucking on his ring finger and middle finger.  I’ve been trying to get him to suck on his binkie, but he gives me the sour lemon face when I give it to him and he spits it out as far as he can.  Celeste seems to have gotten mommy’s habit of biting her nails, something mommy has had as long as she can remember.  Even on days that I want to pull my hair out from having too many errands and stuff to do around the house…they can always make me feel better. I just drop everything and pick them up and we talk or play. Of course, that means the house isn’t always pretty at the end of the day.  I honestly don’t know what did before we had them.  Life was nowhere near as meaningful and beautiful.

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