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February 18, 2010

The thumb sucking experiment

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So two weeks 1 day ago, I noticed Bryan’s right thumb was getting cracked and bleeding from all of his thumb sucking.  I did a bit of research and found that supposedly if a child stops sucking their thumb before the age of 2 chances lower tremendously that he or she will be able to stop and not still be sucking at age 5 or worse.   The same was the case for the pacifier kids.  So that morning I sewed a large toddler sock on the end of 3 sleep and plays and 1 long sleeve onsie.  He wore the outfits from that day forward day and night for 2 weeks.  Yesterday I took off the outfit in trial, and low and behold he hasn’t stuck his thumb in his mouth once.   The only thing I haven’t tried yet is bed time.  For now I’m putting the special pj’s back on for then out of fear he’ll find his thumb again.

I felt a bit bad doing this considering his bad past couple of weeks being sick and getting the stitches, but I think it is best in the long run.

Crossing my fingers!!

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