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August 18, 2009

27 week midwife visit with baby #3

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Everything went well. Not much exciting to report, except the fundal
height (how high my uterus is) is measuring early at 30 weeks not 27.
Weight gain was good at 2 lbs for the past month. 🙂 I have my 3
hour glucose tolerance test.tomorrow, so wish me luck on that one. If
I pass I’ll be back in 3 weeks, If I fail, I’ll be back in 2 weeks.
The baby’s heart rate was 150.

I brought a picture of Celeste right after delivery, because a couple
of months back when I was browsing through her newborn pictures, I
thought I saw a knot in her umbilical cord. So when I mentioned it to
my midwife, she said to bring it in and she’d tell me if it was or
not. After bringing it in she said it was indeed a true knot
(sometimes curvy veins look like them when they are not) It is
actually rare to happen, only 1-2% of babies have them and it
increases infant/fetus fatality risks (up to 6% higher chance) and
delivery complications. So she is one lucky kiddo, because it went
undiagnosed. From what I’ve read it happens a lot to babies with
longer than average cords. I attached the picture so you can see it.

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