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August 6, 2009

Great deal!

Filed under: life in general — Crystal @ 3:05 pm

Normally they are $80-$130 depending on the model and I’ve always loved the Active version because of all the padding and adjustments, however that one is the $130 one and too expensive for us.  Well I was browsing a local children’s consignment shop near us and found a 2009 brand new one that the sticker says is only a month old mispriced at $35 that was the cost of all the used BabyBjorn Originals, the Actives were all marked at $90, except for the one I had.  I brought it up to buy it keeping quit  and figured if the clerk catches it, she catches it and she didn’t!  So I got a super awesome deal!  On top of it, the color is the black/gray one I wanted!  Yea!  I just wanted to share my find.  I almost feel a little guilty, but they are the ones that put the price tag on it, not me!  Now, to go out and buy the BabyBjorn blanket cover thingy and possibly the bib!


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