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November 25, 2009

Celeste’s antics on the ride home today

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So on the way home from school today we were making animal sounds. We got a bit silly and I asked her what sound different people make. “Bryan makes the sound…?” I said, “Car!” replied Celeste. “Mommy makes the sound…?” I said, “ha ha ha ha” replied Celeste. “Daddy makes the sound..?” I said, “Moo!” replied Celeste.

After that I asked her what she did in school today with her friends. She told me that Hannah was now her friend, and Trent wasn’t. Which was odd, because all she talks about is her friend Trent. After more prodding, I discovered that Trent wasn’t her friend today, becuase he wasn’t in school.

A telephone pole fell down in front of the Southbury Training school today, so we had to detour through the school’s private roads to get around it. When passing what looked like a main building there was a huge lit up Christmas tree. Celeste got all excited and exclaimed… “Chipmunks!” (From the beginning of the movie Alvin and the Chipmunks, when their forest tree got cut down and turned into a Christmas tree.”)

Finally, as we pulled into the driveway I laughed and said, “Celeste you’re really cute today”. She looked at me very seriously and said. “Yes”.

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