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August 19, 2008


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So Bryan had his first dermatology visit today.  We found out we’ve been doing things a little backwards.  He wants us to bathe him 2x a day.  We only bathing him 1-2x a week to stop his skin from drying out.  He said your skin is like a sponge and it will soak up the water.  He had me get a soap called cetaphil gentle skin cleanser.  We will use that in the baths and after his baths we slather him up everywhere with Aquaphor (a diaper ointment).  He also gave us a steroid prescription for his bad spots.  He said that Eczema is easier to control now, because of summers humidity, but the winter can be tough.  He also said that the treatment he gave us may work right away and it never come back or it could be something he battles for weeks, months, years..ect.  He didn’t say anything about an allergen cause and I forgot to ask, so for now it means I continue my crazy diet.  I am going to add soy back in however, just to see if he has a reaction, because putting soy back in my diet would open a world of foods.

Not much new to report about Celeste.  She is still crazy about butterflies, and her brother.  Her only new trick is climbing up onto the changing table.  She isn’t talking a bit yet (well, if you ignore her own special language…  I swear she was saying, “Gaia.. where it go?” yesterday.  Maybe she is speaking our ancient natural/original language. . .

August 4, 2008

No Gluetons, No Soy, No Dairy and more

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So things have been pretty eventful.  As you can see by the title our little guy is allergic to one of the above.  We know he has the dairy problem, but he has been having some eczema to go along with it and taking out the glutens and soy may help.  So two weeks of me not eating it should detoxify my body then two weeks more should do the same for him.  We will see if there is a change.  I started this crazy diet full time on the 1st of this month.  So far the hardest thing to cut out is soy.  It is in everything that is processed.  Even some sodas.  Other than that little man is right on target, if not ahead.  He rolls all over the place now and insists on being on his tummy for bedtime, even though we put him on his back and tell him he can’t go on his belly.  He is starting to tripod sit which is very exciting.

Celeste has a little cold right now, or as we really suspect 2 year molars coming in.  We recently took her to a local theme park and she loved it.  I can’t believe how much.  She is really into the boat rides.  Check out the pictures in our gallery.  I can’t wait to go again with her!  I just submitted an inquiry to birth to 3 to make sure she is just a late talker.  At her 2 year old physical, that is all the doctor suspected.  The doctor did hear a heart murmur on Celeste, however she isn’t concerned by it and says it will only be an issue if she hears it next year too.

Everyone else in the house is doing well.. now its off to do some daily chores!

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