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July 15, 2008

Hidden Talents.. me!?!

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I just did a cake for my sons baptism and one for my daughter’s birthday and discovered I have a nack for it.  I’ve never read anything or had any training, I just looked a a photo the other day and recreated it.  Here are my 2 cakes!  Where has this talent been hiding?!?

My baptisim cake.  I wrote the words “Lamb of God” on the top of the foil in blue gel later, and the words “God Bless on the foil in the lower left, and the words, “Bryan Alan” in the lower right.

Here is Celeste’s 2nd birthday cake. She is totally into Little Einsteins from Disney, so I made her Rocket.  Later I used blue gel to write on the plate in front of Rocket, “Happy 2nd birthday Celeste!”

July 14, 2008

Bryan’s 4 month visit to the pedi & yesterday’s party

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Bryan had his 4 month visit today.  He weighs a bit less than our home scale says, but our home scale is me just holding him then subtracting his weight, not to accurate.  He also is usually wearing his clothes.  So he isn’t 16 lbs he’s 15lbs .5 oz  But that is still fine.  He’s grown tons in height.  He is now 25 in compared to the 22 at our last visit.  So he’s in the 50th percentile for weight and 60th for height.  Just perfect.  I put below a time line of his weight and height’s in case you were wondering what the previous #’s were.  He got 4 shots and one oral vaccine all the same ones he got at his 2 month.  He has a little of what I thought was just dry skin on his tummy but the doctor said it is eczema so we got to slather him in Eucerinen cream once a day and only bath him every 2-3 days.

Grandpa L heard Celeste say she had to go potty yesterday and she did it today at the doctors office.  She looked up from playing and said to the pediatrician and I, “I got to pee!” and she then pooped.  Then her next comment was “eeeww!” Really cute but another great sign!  (She didn’t actually pee, just did #2)  🙂  So if you hear it take her to the bathroom!

Yesterday was our baptism/2nd birthday party for Celeste.  It all went really well.  Of course with the exception of Celeste’s free spirit in church 😉  It was a bit stressful setting up and the cakes took forever, but everything turned out wonderful.  My homemade rocket cake and lamb cake turned out amazingly well.  The best I’ve ever done!  I’ll post some pictures soon.  Of course D has all the good church ones, he was our photographer for the day.  Celeste got some wonderful birthday presents and is enjoying them as I type this.  Bryan got some beautiful memento’s and some money which we will use to get him a convertible car-seat like Celeste has, because he hates his infant one.

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