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June 20, 2008

I’m in love with my children

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Holy Cow!!!  Celeste and Bryan have been growing so much. Celeste will be 2 in just 1.5 short months.  Bryan just turned 3 months old.  He’s 15.5 lbs already. He’s been pushing up well, rolling over tummy to back some. Learned to belly laugh the cutest little giggle I’ve ever heard!! Celeste has been talking in phrases, her newest one recently “Where did it go?”.  She says that many times a day.  She even went potty in her toilet for the first time yesterday!  They both know how to get me to hold them…she’ll come running up with this big smile and wrap her arms around my leggs with a big hug, he’ll give be these big doe eye’d look and I just can’t resist. He’s got his daddy wrapped around his fingers. It’s amazing to see a grown man turn into a puddle of mush when that little boy smiles up at him and Celeste has daddy awe struck everyday with all the new things she learns each day.  He’s picked up the habit of sucking on his ring finger and middle finger.  I’ve been trying to get him to suck on his binkie, but he gives me the sour lemon face when I give it to him and he spits it out as far as he can.  Celeste seems to have gotten mommy’s habit of biting her nails, something mommy has had as long as she can remember.  Even on days that I want to pull my hair out from having too many errands and stuff to do around the house…they can always make me feel better. I just drop everything and pick them up and we talk or play. Of course, that means the house isn’t always pretty at the end of the day.  I honestly don’t know what did before we had them.  Life was nowhere near as meaningful and beautiful.

June 11, 2008

30 things bottle-feeding Mom’s don’t hear…

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If you bottle-fed, I’m not bashing you.. remember, I did both with my daughter.  I just thought it was funny.  Think how silly some of it sounds the opposite way around!

1)  How dare you feed your baby that bottle at the table!

2) Why don’t you take that bottle to the bathroom?

3) OMG, put a blanket over  that bottle!

4) He has teeth now – take that bottle away!!!!

5) Doesn’t it feel weird now that he’s 4 months old giving him a bottle?

6) It makes me so uncomfortable seeing you feed your baby that bottle.

7) You are never going to get that bottle away now that you bottle fed for 3 months.

8) Does your hubbie feel weird about you bottle feeding?

9) Bottle feeding is gross.

10) “Why would you waste your time bottle feeding?!

11) “You can’t work full time AND bottle feed!”

12) i dont want you giving your baby that bottle in front of my children

13) that bottle is making my husband uncomfortable

14) “show some modesty”, “I can’t believe you would just whip your bottle out.”

15) Formula is too sexual, I want the bottle for my man.

15) If you keep bottle feeding, the bottle is going to SAGG!

19) Doesn’t it feel weird to have your baby sucking on your bottle?

20) Bottle-feeding past a year is abusive

21) Don’t bottle-feed if you want your body back

22) Bottle-feeding is too convient

23) Bottle-feeding will mess up your marriage

24) Bottles are for the bedroom…NOT for babies.

25) Bottles are a sexual object and I can’t believe you would expose your children to that.

24) It’s not fair to the rest of us that you bottle-feed – how are we supposed to bond with her when you do that?

25) How do you know if you have enough formula?

26) HE is going to be obsessed w/ bottles when he grows up! Look at how he hounds you for more milk!

27) You’re only feeding your baby off one bottle at a time?! You’re starving him!

28) Your only supposed to bottle feed for x amount of minutes!

29) You cant bottle feed with those bottles..they are too small!

30) Your bottles are too big the baby is not going to be able to breathe!

June 4, 2008

Protected: Children’s Schedules

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