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April 29, 2008

Bravest feeding session yet

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Ok, so I’ve never ever had an issue breastfeeding in front of family, and friends. I attempt to cover myself as best as possible without making the baby so hot from being covered with a blanket that he (and she used to) won’t eat. I also never breastfeed in public with my daughter because I had to supplement her and always had formula and a bottle with me. However, this weekend I was at my bravest and used a sling and a blanket and feed Bryan right there at the table at Olive Garden! Now for the record, I was so covered I couldn’t even see myself! I had no choice he was fussing with hunger, it was to cold to feed in the car, our meals had been ordered, he has never had supplemental formula and we had no bottled expressed milk with us. So I’m actually pretty proud of myself for doing it. I mean why should I feel bad about feeding my child? Yet I still have that weird feeling I got when a couple of people near by gave me that.. “is she really doing that in here?” look. I know I have the legal right to feed him anywhere in our state, in fact the waitress made the comment “I remember those days”, with a smile on her face, but for some reason I still feel a little weird about it. Ah, well it is a step in getting over it for my sake. I’m gonna have to learn to feed him anywhere if we continue breastfeeding exclusively! That totally scares me and yet excites me! I just wanted to share, because I felt for the first time like I evoked on my rights as a public breast-feeder.

April 16, 2008

Doctors, contractors, toddler bed and new blog.. oh my!

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First off this is the first “official” post of the new blog.  Everything prior to this was copied over from blogspot.  It is so nice to finally attach our blog to our web address.  So here is my first post!

How are the kids and how is Celeste handling being a big sister?

Since every has asked this question here is the answer! 🙂

Things are going ok. They aren’t as hard as I thought, but not as easy as I thought too. Bryan is a typical baby so far and wakes up 3 times a night to be feed and eats during the day about every 2.5 hours. I finally got photos up of him on our website.  The server was down for a while and that is why there was a delay in getting them up.

Celeste is handling being a big sister differently everyday. All the time she showers him with love and kisses, but either her terrible two’s is starting early or she is acting out for attention. She has tantrums now and redirecting her attention doesn’t seem to work so we are at a loss. We just try to ignore it and let her cry it out.

I can’t wait to re join the play group that we attend I think it would do Celeste wonders, but the pediatrician wants us to wait until he is 8 weeks to rejoin the fun (it doesn’t help my case that flu season is still going strong so far!). So we have another 3.1 weeks to wait until we meet up with everyone again. May 8th (or 15th- depending on his next round of shots) is slated as our first day back into the swing of things.

So it has been a busy 2 days! We are having some siding fixed on our house and an air conditioner and door walled in.

In addition to that Celeste spent her first night her her altered crib. We put up one toddler rail on it in order to start prepping her for the switch to the real bed once Bryan is to big for his bassinet/co-sleeper. We put it together with Grandma and Grandpa Laumiere and took out the diaper changing table and put that into Bryan’s room. We also had tons of baby proofing to do. After Grandma and Grandpa left we put her to bed. She got up and ran to the door as soon as Alan shut the bedroom door and cried for 20 min. Then she got quiet and we checked on her before we went to bed. She was all curled up in a ball on the floor in front of her door and book case with her teddy bear. So Alan picked her up and put her in the bed and that is where she slept till 8 am! So in total 1.5 hours on the floor and 10 hours on the bed! Yea! She is growing up so fast! Hopefully nap-time is successful too, but with all the banging of the construction I doubt she’d even sleep in her old crib. (she is in there now attempting to sleep, but cries every time they bang loudly – I think she may be playing in her ball pit which is in her room temporarily).

Bryan had his one month visit to the doctor today and he really is my little chunky monkey (as I’ve been affectionately calling him)! He is now 10 lbs 6.5 oz which is a hefty 2 lbs heaver than 2 weeks ago! He only had to gain .5 to 1 oz a day and he gained about 2.4 oz a day! His head did grow a lot in circumference too, but I don’t know his birth head circumference. Today’s head circumference is 38.5 cm. He has grown a bit in height too he is now 20.75 in long in comparison to his birth height of 19.25 in long. He passed all the tests the doctor did on him and even shocked her by rolling over from tummy to back right on the table! (he learned to do that on Saturday the 12th his 4 week mark!) He got one shot, his second Hepatitis B one and cried quite a bit (not handling it as well as his sister does… is it a guy thing?!?) but recovered after he got his binkie.

Hopefully the contractors will be done today (but it is now 1 pm and they haven’t started the fascia so I don’t think they will be) and we can get out tomorrow to go to the park and enjoy this warm weather!

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