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March 26, 2008

Bryan’s 2 week visit

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Bryan had his two week visit to the doctor today. At our first weight check at 5 days old (2 Mondays ago) he hadn’t gained anything from his hospital discharge of 7lbs 4oz. So a couple of days later on Wednesday his weight check showed a weight gain of .25 oz a day which still wasn’t enough. On Friday his weight gain was .5 oz a day which was better but still not the 1 oz a day they wanted. On Monday he had finally hit 7lbs 14 oz one oz away from birth weight which was putting him back in the gained enough category. However from this past Monday’s weight of 7lbs 14 oz to today’s (Wednesday) 8lbs 4.5 oz puts him at a hefty 2 oz per day weight gain! So that is double the weight per day gain that the doc wanted! I guess he is making up for the time he lost. I was a bit concerned that my milk supply was dropping a bit because I wasn’t pumping as much the past couple of days after a feeding as I was before.. but I guess that is because he is drinking it! I guess the breastfeeding is going better than I thought! He gets to start his tummy time as of today and actually held his head up for the doctor at the office today. She was impressed with the control he had. He passed all the other tests even all of the newborn reflex ones. So his next visit is in 2 weeks for his one month visit where he gets his first round of immunizations.. poor baby 🙁


March 14, 2008

A son is born

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I’m at home with Bryan Alan – Born on March 12 at 3:45 p.m.7lbs 15oz 19.25 in long! I actually did it drug free! Celeste is totally in love with her baby brother and can’t stop kissing him. She actually had a tantrum when I took him into the bedroom to feed him. Thanks for all the well wishes and comments from everyone! I’ll have some pictures up as soon as I feel well enough/have more time to add them 🙂
**Update** His story in a bit more detail
So we went into the hospital on March 11th to start the induction process.  Cervidil was started at night and the pitocin at 10 am.  It was a very smooth labor.  At 2:45 pm I was in the delivery room sitting up in a rocking chair playing video games with Alan when my parents came in.  At 3:30 pm just as I was about to tell Alan that the contractions were changing and we needed to have a nurse check me the nurse came in seeing the difference on the monitor.  My parents left and 15 min after that we were pushing.  20 min after that Bryan Alan Wood was born into the world!


March 7, 2008

So angry!

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So I called the hospital today at 4:30 because no on had told me what time to come in on Sunday to start the induction. I find out that they are booked and I’m scheduled for Tuesday into Wednesday. I’m sooo upset right now for so many reasons. I got 2 of the grandmas that now have to take a day that can’t be changed cause I found out so late, I got to go on Monday for another non-stress test this time I got to go 30 min away for a 15 min exam. I was supposed to go early to keep the baby small and make sure the placenta was doing its job…..I’m glad I called or god knows when I’d find out that the date changed!


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