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October 15, 2007

My comforting ghost story

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When my daughter was born, a firefly kept banging into our bedroom window each night, I (who believes in that, and my hubbie does not) told my husband how weird it was, he jokingly, and trying to make fun of me, told me it was my grandfather who had recently passed coming to visit my daughter. That night in a dream my hubbies grandfather who I had never meet or seen a picture of appeared, wagging his finger at me telling me that, “No! It was him visiting her!” No one believed me until I described his grandfathers appearance to my mother in law, I gave her goose bumps, she has no idea how I could have known exactly what he looked like, unless it really was him! I love the idea that her great grandparents are there for her and get to see her too!

*I keep hoping that we will see that again as summer gets closer to see if Grandpa comes and visits Bryan!*


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