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June 22, 2007

Growing up!

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So Celeste stopped saying milk for about 3 days and we were so afraid she wouldn’t do it anymore. Well, it turns out she was just to busy doing her new trick (clapping) to bother with the old one. It’s a relief that she is doing it again! Now she is mumbling something that resembles doggy doggy doggy.

We went to the zoo yesterday with a friend from our Mommy class. It was fun! We also got to ride on a Merry go Round for the fist time. Celeste wasn’t sure if she liked it. She was ok at first but then turned and leaned into me. 🙂

She is growing so fast! At Mommy class she weighed 19 lbs 13.5 oz! Almost 20 lbs! She is eating a lot of big people food so that prolly has a lot to do with the weight gain.

We are getting all prepared for her 1st birthday and have bought all of her presents and most of the paper goods, and soda for her party. All we have to do is order the sandwiches and send out her invites! It’s so exciting!


June 4, 2007

Sign Language

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Celeste did her first sign on Sunday! She said “milk”. We take our hand, make a fist and hold the thumb up towards the sky, then open and close your hand. She has done it twice today too! Once to tell me she wanted a drink when I was feeding her, the other time I was just making a bottle and trying to get her to say it. After a little bit of prodding I got her to do it again. We are so proud! Now to get her to sign the other 2 we are actively teaching her, eat, and more. After she gets all of those we have some more new ones we are going to use (like change- for having a dirty diaper)! Her second first isn’t as exciting, but still pretty cool, she learned how to drink out of a straw on Sunday too. It’s so much fun watching her grow!

We bought her her first pair of “real shoes”. Her others the Robeez were great, but only nice sock holder and added a level of cuteness to her outfits. Her new shoes should help her as she cruises the furniture and goes from crawling to walking.

Two weekends ago we took her to Dinosaur Sate Park, she loves her dinosaur toy and we thought it would be a fun time. It was and we can’t wait to take her out to Kid City in Middletown, our next big adventure!

Pink shoes – new ones

Mary Janes- a.k.a. the sock holders


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