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March 30, 2007

A crawling baby is harder to take care of

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Yesterday morning I was going to the bathroom and Celeste was not happy about me leaving the room. Well our 1/2 bath is within viewing distance of the living room and I keep the door open during the day so I can keep an eye on her. Instead of just laying on the floor and crying that I left she decided to come and get me! She crawls slow right now, but I am told that that slow crawling doesn’t last long. So we must go to the store and get some more baby proofing things. There is a video of her crawling on picassa web albums.

In addition to her crawling this week she learned how to “dance” When music plays she sways back and forth it is so cute! She also has the beginnings (we think) of a bottom tooth coming in. Lots and lots of changes are headed out way!


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