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February 28, 2007

7 months Old 2 Days Ago!

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Well, I guess I’m not gonna Blog here as much as I wanted too! Celeste has changed so much, but I guess that is the way it works with a baby. She loves to play with her toys now and can sit up all on her own. If I put her on her tummy she even tries to crawl. She goes backwards not forward, but that is still better than no where! She loves to eat her solid meals now. She gets 3 of them a day. However just like her Momma she hates peas 🙂 Here is a neat slide show of how much she has grown in the past months from birth to now. Check out our other sites for more Celeste stuff!

http://geocities.com/crystalmariel/ (we haven’t updated this one in a while)


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