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March 26, 2008

Bryan’s 2 week visit

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Bryan had his two week visit to the doctor today. At our first weight check at 5 days old (2 Mondays ago) he hadn’t gained anything from his hospital discharge of 7lbs 4oz. So a couple of days later on Wednesday his weight check showed a weight gain of .25 oz a day which still wasn’t enough. On Friday his weight gain was .5 oz a day which was better but still not the 1 oz a day they wanted. On Monday he had finally hit 7lbs 14 oz one oz away from birth weight which was putting him back in the gained enough category. However from this past Monday’s weight of 7lbs 14 oz to today’s (Wednesday) 8lbs 4.5 oz puts him at a hefty 2 oz per day weight gain! So that is double the weight per day gain that the doc wanted! I guess he is making up for the time he lost. I was a bit concerned that my milk supply was dropping a bit because I wasn’t pumping as much the past couple of days after a feeding as I was before.. but I guess that is because he is drinking it! I guess the breastfeeding is going better than I thought! He gets to start his tummy time as of today and actually held his head up for the doctor at the office today. She was impressed with the control he had. He passed all the other tests even all of the newborn reflex ones. So his next visit is in 2 weeks for his one month visit where he gets his first round of immunizations.. poor baby 🙁


March 14, 2008

A son is born

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I’m at home with Bryan Alan – Born on March 12 at 3:45 p.m.7lbs 15oz 19.25 in long! I actually did it drug free! Celeste is totally in love with her baby brother and can’t stop kissing him. She actually had a tantrum when I took him into the bedroom to feed him. Thanks for all the well wishes and comments from everyone! I’ll have some pictures up as soon as I feel well enough/have more time to add them 🙂
**Update** His story in a bit more detail
So we went into the hospital on March 11th to start the induction process.  Cervidil was started at night and the pitocin at 10 am.  It was a very smooth labor.  At 2:45 pm I was in the delivery room sitting up in a rocking chair playing video games with Alan when my parents came in.  At 3:30 pm just as I was about to tell Alan that the contractions were changing and we needed to have a nurse check me the nurse came in seeing the difference on the monitor.  My parents left and 15 min after that we were pushing.  20 min after that Bryan Alan Wood was born into the world!


March 7, 2008

So angry!

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So I called the hospital today at 4:30 because no on had told me what time to come in on Sunday to start the induction. I find out that they are booked and I’m scheduled for Tuesday into Wednesday. I’m sooo upset right now for so many reasons. I got 2 of the grandmas that now have to take a day that can’t be changed cause I found out so late, I got to go on Monday for another non-stress test this time I got to go 30 min away for a 15 min exam. I was supposed to go early to keep the baby small and make sure the placenta was doing its job…..I’m glad I called or god knows when I’d find out that the date changed!


February 26, 2008

Mixed Feelings

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So today I found out I’m gonna deliver March 10th, but I also found out my midwife isn’t going to be there :'( my back up midwife will deliver. I’ve only seen her once and she was a lot more rushed more like a doctor, so I hope it was just that one time. I’m so excited to know the date, but sad to not have my regular midwife. The only way I can have my own is to go through an amino to have the baby next week… and that isn’t a option for me because the idea of getting one of those scares me.


December 31, 2007

Gestational Diabetes

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So I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes for this pregnancy. Celeste showed some signs at birth that I may have had it with her (jaundice, high birth weight) but was never diagnosed with it. I’m so frustrated at this whole numbers thing. I’m on day 3.5 of checking my numbers and I’ve only hit my target numbers 3 times. On average I’m under 105 in the morning but above 90 and after my meals im generally 120-145. So I’m failing everything. I’m supposed to be under 90 for fasting morning and under 120 1 hour after meals. I’m really discouraged and feel like what the heck is the point of even trying to eat better! I’ve followed doctors, and dietitians orders down to the smallest oz. Between that and and the overwhelming fear I’ve had of having a c-section I’m just an emotional wreck crying and angry all the time. Thank god I have such a great husband who is supportive. I don’t know how I’d put up with myself. Not to mention I’m sick right now as is my daughter too. I just wanna crawl in bed, hide under the covers and sleep.

*update* a couple of weeks later my numbers thing all straightened out and came down to normal. They almost went down to low!

October 15, 2007

My comforting ghost story

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When my daughter was born, a firefly kept banging into our bedroom window each night, I (who believes in that, and my hubbie does not) told my husband how weird it was, he jokingly, and trying to make fun of me, told me it was my grandfather who had recently passed coming to visit my daughter. That night in a dream my hubbies grandfather who I had never meet or seen a picture of appeared, wagging his finger at me telling me that, “No! It was him visiting her!” No one believed me until I described his grandfathers appearance to my mother in law, I gave her goose bumps, she has no idea how I could have known exactly what he looked like, unless it really was him! I love the idea that her great grandparents are there for her and get to see her too!

*I keep hoping that we will see that again as summer gets closer to see if Grandpa comes and visits Bryan!*


September 18, 2007

Time goes by fast!

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Well ever since late June things sure have been different around here! I found out I was pregnant with baby #2! We are due on March 17, 2008 St. Patrick’s Day. So far I’m feeling ok, not as great as I did when I was pregnant with Celeste, but alright. I have my next appointment with my midwife on Tuesday… Yup I said midwife. For those of you that are worried we will be delivering in the hospital. We love the personal experience and the time that we get from the midwife. This time around we are going to find out the sex of the baby, but keep the name a surprise.

Celeste’s first birthday has come and gone. It was a wonderful day. All I kept thinking is I can’t believe it has been a year already! Celeste is also talking a lot more now. She says MaMa, oggie (doggie), DaDa, yes, ut oh, and can sign milk, more, & all done. She took her first steps about a month ago now, but she just started in the last couple of days walking everywhere. So far no big bumps or bruises!


June 22, 2007

Growing up!

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So Celeste stopped saying milk for about 3 days and we were so afraid she wouldn’t do it anymore. Well, it turns out she was just to busy doing her new trick (clapping) to bother with the old one. It’s a relief that she is doing it again! Now she is mumbling something that resembles doggy doggy doggy.

We went to the zoo yesterday with a friend from our Mommy class. It was fun! We also got to ride on a Merry go Round for the fist time. Celeste wasn’t sure if she liked it. She was ok at first but then turned and leaned into me. 🙂

She is growing so fast! At Mommy class she weighed 19 lbs 13.5 oz! Almost 20 lbs! She is eating a lot of big people food so that prolly has a lot to do with the weight gain.

We are getting all prepared for her 1st birthday and have bought all of her presents and most of the paper goods, and soda for her party. All we have to do is order the sandwiches and send out her invites! It’s so exciting!


June 4, 2007

Sign Language

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Celeste did her first sign on Sunday! She said “milk”. We take our hand, make a fist and hold the thumb up towards the sky, then open and close your hand. She has done it twice today too! Once to tell me she wanted a drink when I was feeding her, the other time I was just making a bottle and trying to get her to say it. After a little bit of prodding I got her to do it again. We are so proud! Now to get her to sign the other 2 we are actively teaching her, eat, and more. After she gets all of those we have some more new ones we are going to use (like change- for having a dirty diaper)! Her second first isn’t as exciting, but still pretty cool, she learned how to drink out of a straw on Sunday too. It’s so much fun watching her grow!

We bought her her first pair of “real shoes”. Her others the Robeez were great, but only nice sock holder and added a level of cuteness to her outfits. Her new shoes should help her as she cruises the furniture and goes from crawling to walking.

Two weekends ago we took her to Dinosaur Sate Park, she loves her dinosaur toy and we thought it would be a fun time. It was and we can’t wait to take her out to Kid City in Middletown, our next big adventure!

Pink shoes – new ones

Mary Janes- a.k.a. the sock holders


March 30, 2007

A crawling baby is harder to take care of

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Yesterday morning I was going to the bathroom and Celeste was not happy about me leaving the room. Well our 1/2 bath is within viewing distance of the living room and I keep the door open during the day so I can keep an eye on her. Instead of just laying on the floor and crying that I left she decided to come and get me! She crawls slow right now, but I am told that that slow crawling doesn’t last long. So we must go to the store and get some more baby proofing things. There is a video of her crawling on picassa web albums.

In addition to her crawling this week she learned how to “dance” When music plays she sways back and forth it is so cute! She also has the beginnings (we think) of a bottom tooth coming in. Lots and lots of changes are headed out way!


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