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February 18, 2010

The thumb sucking experiment

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So two weeks 1 day ago, I noticed Bryan’s right thumb was getting cracked and bleeding from all of his thumb sucking.  I did a bit of research and found that supposedly if a child stops sucking their thumb before the age of 2 chances lower tremendously that he or she will be able to stop and not still be sucking at age 5 or worse.   The same was the case for the pacifier kids.  So that morning I sewed a large toddler sock on the end of 3 sleep and plays and 1 long sleeve onsie.  He wore the outfits from that day forward day and night for 2 weeks.  Yesterday I took off the outfit in trial, and low and behold he hasn’t stuck his thumb in his mouth once.   The only thing I haven’t tried yet is bed time.  For now I’m putting the special pj’s back on for then out of fear he’ll find his thumb again.

I felt a bit bad doing this considering his bad past couple of weeks being sick and getting the stitches, but I think it is best in the long run.

Crossing my fingers!!

February 9, 2010

Charlotte’s Birth Story

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I’ve finally gotten around to typing it out!  Here it is!

So November 4th, 2009, I met my in-laws at home at 5pm to go to McDonalds before heading out to Celeste’s art show at school.  After we ate we headed over to Borders before going to the school to meet Alan because we had some spare time.  Bryan got a bit cranky in the store so I took him out to change him and calm him down while Grandma and Grandpa Wood finished up shopping with Celeste.  As I was holding Bryan and unlocking the doors to the car my water broke!  There was a ton of fluid.  I only thought that style of water breaking happened in the movies.  So, in my excited haze, I changed Bryan’s diaper, put him in the car and waited for Grandpa and Grandma to come out.  They were estatic that they got to be here for the start of the whole thing.  So, we called Alan to tell him we were in route to the preschool for the art show, but didn’t tell him that we were in labor, although he did know something was up, because Grandpa joined me for the ride over to the school just in case I started to have contractions.  Once we got there I told Alan and he got excited as well.   We spent about an hour at her art show, much to her teacher’s fear that the baby would be born there. lol  Then we headed home and called the midwife to tell her that I was in labor and that I was right all along with my predicted due date of Nov 4th, not the Nov 17th they kept telling me.  She had us pack up and head over to the hospital.

Once there they checked to make sure my water had broken, it had, and start me on some cervidil to thin out my cervix.  After 12 long hours later I started the pitocin and asked for a epidural once I was about 4 cm, because labor was starting to hurt my back and I didn’t want to go through what I had to do with Celeste.  Later in the early afternoon  Grandpa Wood came over and Alan and him went out for lunch eating at the hospital cafeteria, because the nurse had checked me and I was only about 7-8 cm.  While gone the midwife checked me and said I was now 8and if I felt any pressure to let her know.  As she crossed the room and went to the door, I felt the pressure!  It happened SO quick.  So she called Kathy my midwife back in to check and I was really ready to push.  However Alan wasn’t there yetn !!  So, I went to get the cell phone he had left me to call him to get him back in the room, but he forgot it.  So the midwife let me use her cell to call him.  It rang just outside of the door just as I hit send.  He was literately walking back into the room.  That was of course 15 min after I was ready to push and doing everything I could NOT to push so Alan could be there for the birth.  Luckily this time around I remembered to ask for a mirror so I got to watch her being born.   She was a 3 push baby.  Not as quick as my 2 push Celeste, but not bad either!  She entered the world at 1:51 pm and weighed 7 lbs 7 oz and was 19″ long and was complication free.

January 28, 2010

Bryan’s first stitches

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I was putting Celeste to bed and she asked Bryan for a kiss goodnight.  He ran at full speed to say good night and tripped over himself.  He landed on her stool and got a hole between his eyes.  It is like a real hole.  You can see all the way in with no bottom of the hole.  It went through to the muscle layer.  I’m not sure how it happened because all of the edges of the stool are rounded off well.  He got a bit sleepy right after and I was afraid that he had a mild concussion, which is why I was calling around.  I finally called Dave S. and he came over to watch Celeste when I took Bryan to the ER the first time.  The doctor debated glue vs. stitches and chose glue because it is less traumatic, even though glue can leave a small scar.  He thought he’d outgrow the scar.  It went ok, he cried from being held down, but it was fast.  Half way home he said, “ow, ow ow”  (ouch) and I had just hit a bump in the road so I thought it was that.  We pulled in the driveway and I realized he pulled out the glue stitches.  They were a layer of glue, tape then more glue.  So we went in and I fed Charlotte, called and talked to Alan again then went back to the ER.  This time it was much worse.  He freaked out when he saw the Dr.  They put him on a board with velcro and strapped him down.  He sort of looked like a mummy.  Then had one big guy holding his head still and one nurse holding his chin.  It took them about 10 min to do the real stitches.  I’ve never heard him cry like that.  He was hysterical.  Sobbing, crying, shaking, covered in sweat, screaming, “DaDa..DaDa.. no no my nose” over and over again.  I really thought he was going to throw up.  He made it through and was much happier once we got into the car and he got 2 lollipops.  One for each hand.. and so he wouldn’t touch his stitches again.  He stayed up a bit when we got home at 12:30 to say hi to Alan since he wanted him so bad earlier and to finish his pops.  This morning he’s a bit tired, but otherwise himself.  Here’s some pictures of his stitches:


We go back in on Tuesday to his pediatrician to have the stitches taken out.  I’m dreading that visit.

He’s had an ok morning.  He’s back to himself, except for being sleepy from being up so late.

September 22, 2009

New due date!

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Interesting day at the midwife’s office. We have a new due date of November 14th and an induction day of Nov 5th in the evening which should result in a baby on the 6th. That of course is providing that the hospital isn’t busy and we don’t get bumped like we did with my son. This is all due to the fact that I’ve been measuring a bit further ahead than normal, and my midwife being on vacation the week after so this way we can deliver with her (I’m going to be induced). So we are going with an earlier ultrasound date. Everything else was fine. Baby’s heartbeat was 144. I go back in 2 weeks to start non-stress tests. I’m not really looking forward to those. The are 30 min or so appointments, so they can be trying while having my 18 month old with me (I schedule them while my 3 y/o is in school). I will have a bio-physical profile (detailed ultrasound) scheduled at 36 weeks (October 17th ish) to double check weight and see how the baby is doing.

August 18, 2009

27 week midwife visit with baby #3

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Everything went well. Not much exciting to report, except the fundal
height (how high my uterus is) is measuring early at 30 weeks not 27.
Weight gain was good at 2 lbs for the past month. 🙂 I have my 3
hour glucose tolerance test.tomorrow, so wish me luck on that one. If
I pass I’ll be back in 3 weeks, If I fail, I’ll be back in 2 weeks.
The baby’s heart rate was 150.

I brought a picture of Celeste right after delivery, because a couple
of months back when I was browsing through her newborn pictures, I
thought I saw a knot in her umbilical cord. So when I mentioned it to
my midwife, she said to bring it in and she’d tell me if it was or
not. After bringing it in she said it was indeed a true knot
(sometimes curvy veins look like them when they are not) It is
actually rare to happen, only 1-2% of babies have them and it
increases infant/fetus fatality risks (up to 6% higher chance) and
delivery complications. So she is one lucky kiddo, because it went
undiagnosed. From what I’ve read it happens a lot to babies with
longer than average cords. I attached the picture so you can see it.

July 6, 2009

Precious Moments

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So after a very late night last night, I woke up groggily to take care of Celeste.  After the morning routine was done I laied down on the couch hoping for a little more relaxation before Bryan woke up.  I did receive it, but with a very sweet interlude.  Celeste came over and noticed a baby on the tv.  She said the baby was cute and I responded with, “Just like your new little baby in mommy’s tummy is going to be.”  She then proceeded to come over to me, lift my shirt say, “Shh! Night night baby” and then give my tummy the gentlest kiss ever!  I thought that was super cute, but then she ran over to the other side of the couch and grabbed her little tiny wind up chick and put it on my tummy so the baby could have a toy to go to bed with.  How sweet!  I can’t wait to see how she is with this baby come November!

If you didn’t already know, based off this message you should have fingured out that we are expecting baby number three in November around the 17th.  We will be 21 weeks along tomorrow and at our 19 week ultrasound the baby was super healthy with a girl heartbeat and weighing in at 10 oz.  Which puts him/her in the 57th percentile for weight.  So much for telling everyone at Bryan’s 1st birthday we were not expecting.  We WERE and just didn’t know it!  We were about 4 weeks along.

April 13, 2009

Peanuts *updated 4/16/09*

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About 5 weeks ago now we had some allergy testing done in an attempt to find out B’s cause of his eczema despite a lot of speculation that his reactions were stress and hereditary.

On our visit to the Allergist on 3/25/09 He was tested for 41 different common allergens, by a skin prick test.  He was tested for:

Tree Mix, timothy pollen, sheep sorrel pollen, plantain pollen, grass, sage, mugwort, weed mix, ragweed, house dust, cockroach, cat, horse, mite mix, guinea pig, dog, latex, mold mix, whole milk, wheat, fish, peanut, shellfish, rye, tomato, cashew, egg, soybean, oat, cacao bean, barley, shrimp, black walnut, english walnut, sesame, coconut, almond, hazelnut, apple, banana, carrot, strawberry.  He came back as allergic to none.

So they told us that his eczema is the inherited kind.  He was put on Zyrtec everyday now to stop the histamine reactions he has to avoid scratching.  He also is continuing his steroid prescription creme and daily aquafor rubbing regime.  Also during 2 baths he gets a selenium sulfide shampooing.  It is for the eczema (which has another name on the scalp, but I’m drawing a blank).  The allergist also said each year he gets older his chance for the eczema to go away increases by 10%  He expected it to be gone by 10/11 years of age with the exception of minor flare ups possibly for the rest of his life.

However, on April 6, 2009  he had a severe reaction to something.  He broke out into a severe case of hives and we rushed him to an urgent care facility.  He had nothing new or out of the ordinary for dinner that night.  However his reaction was with in 10 min of eating his dinner which consisted of  wheat bread, peanut butter sandwich with strawberry jam.  We know that is a high allergen meal, but he had tested as non allergic to those food items.

So, we went back to the doctor again on April 7th, 2009.  Bryan couldn’t have the skin test done again, because he had Zyrtec last night.  The allergist thinks the reaction could have been viral (which also confuses me because he had no signs of being sick otherwise) not allergy related, but we are taking extra measures to ensure that it isn’t.  We had a blood test just done for peanut butter, strawberry, wheat, soy and milk to double check those.  We got told there is only a 20% chance that the skin test couldn’t detect what the blood test could.  We got scheduled to go the doctors office the following month and use the fresh food for a skin test at the doctor’s office, if he has no reactions then they were actually going to feed him little bits of the food gradually increasing the amount.  We were instructed to bring the food, specifically the food that he ate this week and had the reaction with.  That test was going take 3 hours.

He got prescribed an  EpiPen® Jr and the allergist said to use if if he had the hives reaction along with any issues with breathing.  If he just has a mild hives reaction then we are to give him 1/2 teaspoon of children’s liquid Zyrtec (extra from his everyday dose of 1/4 teaspoon).  If he comes up as allergic  by the blood test then the rules change and he has to be given the  EpiPen® Jr,v if he ingests them with our knowledge, even before he has a reaction.

The blood test was not fun.  They do it the same way as an adult.  We were concerned that not enough blood was taken because the vein blew out due to myself or the nurse holding him down to tight.  Lucky, there was enough.

On April 13th, yeah, lucky number 13.  We got the test results.  Bryan is officially allergic to peanuts.  The blood test came back positive, even though the skin test was negative.  The doctor said that there are 7 levels of allergy danger and he is #3 which is actually in the middle.  0 is non allergic 7 is extreme and way over the curve.  So on a real scale of 1-6 he is in the middle.

We have a last follow up visit this coming Wednesday to have a question and answer session.

It stinks that he will have to deal with this, however I’m a bit relieved that we finally have an answer to all this insanity.


We learned at his allergy level it is unlikely that he will out grow it, but he will be tested next year to check his levels.  The official range for antibodies right now is the following for Class 3 (3.51-17.5 KU/L)  He is an 8.1 so is is pretty close to center 3.  We have ordered him a medialert bracelet and a special bright green bag to keep his epipen jr’s cool in the summer.

So after the doctor’s visit this is what we learned we have to avoid:

Here is the things that B can not eat and the things that we need to search for in the labels.  On the bottom is some extra information.  This is all from a info sheet that the doctor gave us.  I just typed it up here.  In addition we were told to absolutely avoid any food that said things like, “made in a plant with peanuts, may contain traces of peanuts”.. ect  Unfortunately that excludes a lot of chocolate products.  I cleaned out the house today so the pantry and fridge have nothing in it that B can’t have.

How to Read a Label for a Peanut-Free Diet

All FDA-regulated manufactured food products that contain peanut as an ingredient are required by U.S. law to list the word “peanut” on the product label.

Avoid foods that contain peanuts or any of these ingredients:
artificial nuts
beer nuts
cold pressed, expeller pressed, or extruded peanut oil
ground nuts
mixed nuts
monkey nuts
nut pieces
peanut butter
peanut flour
peanut protein hydrolysate

Peanut is sometimes found in the following:
African, Asian (especially Chinese,
Indian, Indonesian, Thai, and
Vietnamese), and Mexican dishes
baked goods (e.g., pastries, cookies)
candy (including chocolate candy)
egg rolls
enchilada sauce
mole sauce
ice cream

Keep the following in mind:
•  A person allergic to one food is usually not allergic to related foods.  Peanuts belong to the pea or legume family.  A person allergic to peanuts can usually eat peas and beans.
• Mandelonas are peanuts soaked in almond flavoring.
• The FDA exempts highly refined peanut oil from being labeled as an allergen. Studies show that most allergic individuals can safely eat peanut oil that has been highly refined (not cold    pressed, expeller pressed, or extruded peanut oil).  Follow your doctor’s advice.
• A study showed that unlike other legumes, there is a strong possibility of cross-reaction between peanuts and lupine.
• Arachis oil is peanut oil.
• Many experts advise patients allergic to peanuts to avoid tree nuts as well.
• Sunflower seeds are often produced on equipment shared with peanuts.
•  Artificial nuts can be peanuts that have been deflavored and reflavored with a nut, such as pecan or walnut.

February 13, 2009

Growing up to fast

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Myself in response to a baby leaving the room, “No Bryan come back.”   Bryan looks at MaMa smiles and crawls away faster.  *sigh* he’s turning into a 10 month old toddler.

September 23, 2008

List of happenings

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So time hasn’t been something I have lots of lately, so here is a shortened version of the household happenings.

Ezecma. –

It appears to be subsiding a bit, but he still has outbreaks.  We think its dairy, however on our second visit to the dermatologist (whom used to be a pediatrician) said it is not allergies, its just inherited.  He said to continue using the original regime and be very diligent in the winter.  A humidifier may help keep the house moist for him.

6 month doctor visit –

He weighed in at 15 lbs 9 oz and was 25.75 in long.  So he only gained 7 oz and went up in height by .75  They weren’t worried about it.. which confused the heck out of me because they were so concerned with my daughter’s weight gain.  This is why they weren’t concerned.  He was born at 7lbs 15 oz in the 50th percentile, then at 1 month he dropped to the 25th then at 4 months he was in the 50th again and now he’s back down to the 25th.. so he IS following a chart.. a very unique one that he has made all on his own.  As long as he is near the 50th again at 9 months we are all set.  The only thing they were concerned about was the fact that he breaks out in an eczema rash and spits up a lot if I put dairy in my diet.  They told me under no circumstances to give him any form of dairy until he is 1 and then only to do so after they run a certain type of allergy test to make sure he wont have any anaphylactic reactions to it.


Well he started eating cereal 3 weeks ago and we have been introducing some veggies and fruit.  He got his first cookie 2 days ago.  However, poor Bryan has had to try all sorts of “weird” food thanks to big sis Celeste she has managed to “help” feed him while she is eating her food.  So far he has had apple juice, whole banana, kashi cereal, cinnamon toast crunch and 1/4 of a waffle.  Now the waffle, is partly my fault.  I knew he was chewing on something as he played on the floor with her, but until the waffle was broken up I didn’t realized she had shared again.  Poor kid cried his little heart out when I took it away.  However, note if you ever want a 6 mont old to take a 6 hour nap in the middle of the day, give him a waffle to eat.


He’s started!  I just hope he does not crawl to early… he already learned to roll both ways way way way to early.  I guess I’ll be chasing another one soon.


His first one broke through on 9/20!

Waterbury Hospital-

Just a note for all of you who ever decide to go there.. don’t.. unless its an emergency and then count on charges you NEVER expected.. feel free to ask us more if you want.

Birth to 3-

Celeste started her first session last Friday.  Hopefully it will help her talk some more.  She has started to say a bit more (not from thier help).  She likes it so we will see.  She said Mom for the first time on Friday and it was pretty cool.  Alan actually heard it for the first time.  I had gone shopping to pick up some things and to have time alone for an hour and she kept saying “Where did Mom go?” or simply saying “Mom?” Alan didn’t know it was the first time until I got home.  Pretty cool though.. it sent shivers down my spine.  God, we love that little girl!

August 19, 2008


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So Bryan had his first dermatology visit today.  We found out we’ve been doing things a little backwards.  He wants us to bathe him 2x a day.  We only bathing him 1-2x a week to stop his skin from drying out.  He said your skin is like a sponge and it will soak up the water.  He had me get a soap called cetaphil gentle skin cleanser.  We will use that in the baths and after his baths we slather him up everywhere with Aquaphor (a diaper ointment).  He also gave us a steroid prescription for his bad spots.  He said that Eczema is easier to control now, because of summers humidity, but the winter can be tough.  He also said that the treatment he gave us may work right away and it never come back or it could be something he battles for weeks, months, years..ect.  He didn’t say anything about an allergen cause and I forgot to ask, so for now it means I continue my crazy diet.  I am going to add soy back in however, just to see if he has a reaction, because putting soy back in my diet would open a world of foods.

Not much new to report about Celeste.  She is still crazy about butterflies, and her brother.  Her only new trick is climbing up onto the changing table.  She isn’t talking a bit yet (well, if you ignore her own special language…  I swear she was saying, “Gaia.. where it go?” yesterday.  Maybe she is speaking our ancient natural/original language. . .

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